Keeping Deer Away

Throughout the year deer can really be a nuisance, especially in some of the more rural areas of Dane County. Although these animals seem to have some majestic quality, the will often destroy prized plants and other favored vegetation. Here are some tips to keep them at bay!

  • Deer rely heavily on their sense of smell when foraging for food. Planting lots of strong smelling herbs like lavender, mint, chives, garlic and rosemary will do a lot in masking the scent of desirable plants.
  • Have lawn ornaments that move such as wind chimes and other wind driven decorations.
  • If thinking of putting up a fence to deter deer, be sure it is 8 feet tall, as deer can jump very high.
  • Another option is a temporary electric fence to put up during peak harvest times of your garden.
  • String up fishing line about 2-3 feet off the ground around ornamentals or vegetable gardens. Deer can’t seem to comprehend the barrier since it is difficult for them to see.
  • Just about anything that can surprise a deer will typically work. Motion activated sprinklers and lights are a relatively simple way to deter them.
  • Human hair spread around your plants will also work. This needs to be reapplied several times a year because the hair will lose its’ scent.
  • Spraying prized ornamentals in a blend of rosemary, garlic and mint oils will also do the trick, but needs to be re-applied after each rainfall.
  • If planting new trees, be sure to wrap the trunk to protect it. Deer especially like young delicate trees.
  • There are several commercially available products if you can’t find a natural remedy that works for you, but experts recommend rotating through different products to keep the deer surprised and at bay, so they don’t get used to one kind of deterrent.

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