Core Aeration and Overseeding

Keyman knows that Core Aeration is one of the best things that you can do for your lawn.  The soil underneath most lawns in the Dane County area have a high percentage of clay.  “Hard Clay” or compacted soils can cause your lawn to dry out and be more susceptible to insect and disease damage.

Soil compaction happens naturally over time and the main factors that speed up that process are weather, traffic, and nutrients. A dry, hot summer can lead to compaction and cracking at the soil surface. If there is a lot of traffic on the grass such as people, mowers, ETC, the soil compacts at a faster rate. If there is a lack of nutrients in the soil, it will also compact at a faster rate.

Compacted soils are a problem because they limit moisture, air, and nutrients from getting down to the root system which results in unhealthy turf. Also, compacted soils increase your thatch layer which is where most of the common diseases and insects reside. 

The process of aeration is taking three-inch cores from the turf which doesn’t sound like much, but it truly is essential for a healthy lawn. Aeration is extremely beneficial because it reduces soil compaction, reduces thatch, and creates an ideal environment for grass to thrive. It allows nutrients to get down to the root layer so they can grow deeper and thicker. When the grass is healthier, it is more resistant to diseases, insects, and weed infestation.

Do you have issues with soil compaction and thatch?  Core aeration helps to break down thatch naturally. Use our “Free Estimate” form or call today for a price.



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