Fungicide Applications

If you have a high level of thatch in your lawn or if you have a history of damage from the same fungus every year, we recommend applying a fungicide. 

There are many different fungi pathogens that can cause a wide variety of different symptoms and diseases in turfgrass. The first step to solving that issue is identifying exactly what fungus you have. The next step is to figure out what product will work best to reduce the damage, stress, and help the turfgrass recovery quickly. The last step is to apply the product correctly and at the right time.

The best way to treat a fungus is to get ahead of it with a preventative treatment. This is because fungicides only work if the fungus is actively growing. Usually by the time you see damage from the fungus, it has stopped growing and it is already too late to treat. It is extremely important to stay ahead of the fungus.

Cultural tips that make a huge impact in reducing the pressure of fungus and keeping a healthy lawn:

  •  Mow tall (3-3.5 inches)
  •  Irrigate correctly 
  • Aerate annually
  • Reduce thatch 
  • Remove dew (if possible)
  • Reduce shade


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