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There are many signs to identify grub damage, the biggest tell sign is if you can easily pull your grass up and roll it back like carpet as seen in the picture to the right. Another common sign is if you are seeing holes in your grass/soil and that is caused by birds pecking and digging into the turfgrass to eat the grubs. If you are seeing these signs, don’t hesitate to call in and schedule a Grub Control treatment. 

Sodded lawns or lawns with an excessive amount of thatch are extremely susceptible to grub and insect damage. It is best to treat them preventatively meaning apply Grub Control before you start seeing damage. Also, one application in spring will continue to work for as long as three months. 

 The life cycle of a grub starts when adults lay eggs into the soil, then they become larvae, and eventually grow into grubs. Grubs get nutrients from chewing and sucking on the roots of your turfgrass and that can cause serious damage on the surface. It is common to mistake grub damage for drought stress or a chemical burn because of how fast it happens. 

Grub Control applications are also an excellent way of preventing moles from damaging your lawn. Moles can tunnel up to 100 feet per day in search of food. Part of their diet consists of the Japanese beetle grubs, white grubs, and other larvae below the soil surface. Elimination of the moles diet will make them less interested in searching for food on your property and encourage them to move on to a different location for food.

Keyman is proud to be using a product called Acelepryn to combat your insect troubles! Acelepryn has a minimal toxicity to people, pets, birds, honey bees, and earthworms, while still being extremely effective towards the target pests. One application of Grub Control will impact Japanese beetle larvae, white grubs, and other insects in your turfgrass. 

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