Mosquito Control Program

Would you like to enjoy summers in your backyard without constantly battling mosquitoes?

We can help you re-discover your lawn with our mosquito control program.

This program offers a range of 3-5 applications of a highly effective contact insecticide designed to control mosquitoes and continue controlling populations for 3-4 weeks. With the first application, it will eliminate about 70-80% of your mosquito population. Since it is a contact insecticide, it will eliminate any mosquito that comes in contact with the treated area. This ensures that even the mosquitoes that fly in from your neighbor’s lawn will also die.

These applications consist of a trained professional properly spraying trees, turfgrass, and shrubs as well as other likely hiding places to control mosquito populations. We do not spray any plants that are flowering in regard to the label and to minimize the chance of harming any non-targeted insects. 

Why choose the Keyman Mosquito Control Program?

  • Mosquitoes spread several types of diseases, including ZIKA (in Southern WI the Aedes albopictus may be able to transmit the virus), Powassan and West Nile Virus, several types of encephalitis and can also transmit heart worms to cats and dogs.
  • The product we use is one of the LEAST toxic products used for mosquito control. The application dries within 2 hours, minimal time for kids and pets to be off the lawn.
  • The product will withstand normal amounts of rainfall, so reapplication is not necessary once the application dries (maximum of 2 hours)

This service is great before outdoor parties & special events! Call at least 2 weeks in advance of your gathering.

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