Perimeter Insecticide Treatment


Perimeter Pest Control Treatment

The best line of defense for your home is a perimeter pest control treatment that stops pests before they enter. If you want to keep pesky outdoor bugs, such as, Asian beetles and box-elders, among others, from coming in your home, especially in the winter months, this kind of treatment is one of the best defenses around! Keyman licensed and qualified technicians will provide you with a customized care plan designed around the specific needs of your setting.

This application, on the outside of your home, will create a barrier of protection, on the soil, foundation, and even plants close by, that keep insects and pests from gaining entry. Sit back and relax! There’s no need to spend your free time worrying about your home…let us! You can rest assured that professionals are applying the right products at the right time in a safe and effective manner.

Starting in the early months of fall is when treatment is crucial. It’s natural for insects to seek out the warmth of your home in the winter, and getting the insecticide in place around the perimeter before those pests start accumulating and try getting in, will keep them out. All Keyman technicians are licensed & certified professionals.

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