Spring De-thatching


What is thatch? Why is it bad?

Thatch is the layer of dead leaves, roots, stems, and other organic matter in between your soil and grass. Although the thatch layer increases naturally over time it can cause some serious problems. The thatch layer is where most of the common lawn disease pathogens, grubs, and insects live and thrive. If your thatch layer grows too thick, it can cause problems with drainage, air circulation, nutrient flow, soil compaction, and root damage. 

We can help!

Reducing thatch can minimize the pressure and severity of damage from diseases, grubs, and insects. De-thatching, as seen in the picture to the left, is raking and removing the thatch that has been raked up. We offer this in the spring, it can make a huge impact in preparing your lawn for the summer and overall improve the health of your turfgrass.  


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