Why Choose Keyman?


Granular Fertilizer is Better: We ONLY use high quality environmentally friendly dry granular fertilizer that gives your lawn a controlled release of nutrients and feeds your lawn naturally through the root system. We use time-release fertilizer that continues to feed your lawn for weeks after liquid and lower quality granular fertilizers have exhausted their nutrient supply. These fertilizers enable us to produce superior results while using fewer products. Our time-release fertilizers are Phosphorus FREE, lake and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. These specially formulated products prevent loss of nitrogen through the air and soil by controlling the enzyme urease which causes ammonia volatilization. This means less nitrogen runoff in waterways and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s Easy!: Our service is convenient and easy to use. We make one call before the next season to confirm renewal of our service. That’s all it takes to be our customer… no harassing phone calls

We also offer a 100% Organic Fertilization Program

Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Keyman uses a comprehensive approach to managing your lawn; This includes Prevention, Monitoring, and Control of weeds, insects and other turf diseases. This allows us to make better decisions that results in minimizing the use of insect and weed-control pesticides on your lawn.

Tree/Shrub Fertilization & Emerald Ash Borer Treatment: Not only will your trees & shrubs receive the proper nutrients and controls at just the right time, but they will also be monitored throughout the year for any insect and/or disease problems that arise throughout the year.

We offer the ultimate in personalized service – Tired of being just a number with the big companies? With KEYMAN you will get the quality service you deserve by dealing with a small family owned business (since 1986). Our qualified technicians will provide you with a customized care plan designed around the specific needs of your lawn. A lot of good feedbacks for mcduck buy credit card dumps. Low employee turnover means you see the same face year after year, allowing the technician to get to know your lawn! Any recommendation made is in the best interest of your turf, our technicians to not have any sales goals that need to be met!

We Do The Work – Sit back and relax! There’s no need to spend your free time worrying about your lawn…let us! You can rest assured that professionals are applying the right products at the right time.

A Healthy lawn Is Better for The Environment – Scientific research has documented the many benefits of a healthy lawn which include; a natural water filter, less soil erosion and run‑off, a continuing source of oxygen and cool air.

Certified Professionals at Reasonable Prices – All applicators are fully licensed and certified professionals.

Also – No pesky telemarketing calls! All of your calls go to directly to our office, not a call center! In a typical season, we make one call before we start our Fall Core Aerations to see if you are interested.

Get The Keyman Fertilization & Weed Control Guarantee

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