Why Dry is Better


What the Experts Say…Dry vs. Liquid Fertilizer

Our Program

  • Environmentally Responsible: Fewer applications using fewer products decreases nutrient load on green spaces
  • Prevents the loss of up to 50% of active product through volatilization and leaching
  • Our products lead to less nitrate runoff in waterways and less ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Lower risk of burn, even in dry conditions
  • Controlled release prevents damaging surge growth
  • Metered nitrogen release stimulate even,extended turf feeding
  • Uniform turf growth over time means less mowing, reduced thatch build up & reduced pest control

The professional fertilizers (Prevail) we use feature cutting-edge additives, supported by University research and extensive product testing, to deliver efficient and consistent results for healthier turf and larger root mass. By combining expertise with the latest advancements in nutrient technology, the fertilizers we use are proven to provide highly effective and efficient results for your turf needs, whether it’s for a residential application, sports field, golf course or commercial property.

Independent studies confirm that Prevail fertilizer used at a 25% LOWER rate was as effective as normal fertilizer at the full rate.

The “Other Guys” Program

(A Liquid Fertilizer & Herbicide Mixture)

  • Growth & color effects are comparatively short-lived requiring more frequent applications
  • Often causes a foul odor
  • Greater burn potential
  • Can leach into the soil and water table easily with excess rain
  • Causes Rapid Surge Growth and then a halt until the next application
  • Requires more frequent treatment due to “instant” release liquid fertilizer

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