Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetle Control

For Trees, Shrubs and Ornamental Plants ONLY

Japanese Beetles are one of the most destructive insects in trees and ornamental plants. Adult Japanese Beetles feed on leafy vegetation. The leaves of a damaged plant look like lace after the beetles have eaten the tender foliage between the veins. This feeding will lead to massive destruction of your trees, shrubs and ornamental plants within a short period of time. and The loss of leaves can be devastating to certain plants making them more vulnerable to fungus and drought or even death. KEYMAN CAN HELP!

A trained professional will spray trees, shrubs and ornamental plants that Japanese Beetles find attractive as a food source with an insecticide. This insecticide provides quick knockdown of current populations, and the residual product will help keep new beetles away from the plant for 3-4 weeks, forcing them to look elsewhere for a food source.

Why should you have trees, shrubs and ornamentals sprayed? What about the Beetle Traps sold in garden centers?

  • Professional spraying provides immediate relief and also makes plants less attractive to insects.
  • Traps lure many beetles to your property which may have never come there in the first place!
  • Tests show beetles will actually miss a trap by several yards about half the time when they are following the scent from the trap. They are not very good flyers!

If you sign up for our 5 treatment tree & shrub care program this service is included at a discounted rate (3 applications of Japanese beetle control per year with the 5 treatment Tree & Shrub Program).


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