Perimeter Pest Control

As the temperatures decrease in fall, box elders, Japanese beetles, Asiatic garden beetles and spiders will make an attempt to escape the cold by making their way into your home. Even some of the most well insulated homes have small gaps and cracks that these bugs are very adept at finding. Protecting your home is simple with perimeter pest control. Are you tired of vacuuming up box elders each fall, or finding dead insects in your windowsill?

Conventional pest control for the home requires allowing a technician access to inside as well as applying pesticides in living areas of the home. This can be a concern, especially for those who have children or pets. Perimeter pest control keeps all of the chemicals outside the home, reducing any prolonged exposure. You also do not need to be present at the time of application since we only spray on the outside!

When perimeter pest control is applied, we will spray a contact insecticide ten feet up the side of your home, and in a five foot wide band around the foundation. We also make sure to spray around many common ingress points such as vents, windows, garage doors, entry doors and under decks or patios. This creates a barrier of insecticide that common household pests do not cross.

This treatment is safe for any ornamental plants or shrubs, and any herbs, vegetables or fruit crops will be avoided altogether. If you would like more information on this service, give us a call today!

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