Salt damage from both road salt and personal sidewalk salt can be a common problem in
areas like Wisconsin where winters are long and it is used many times throughout the
season. Although it is very difficult to reverse salt damage, you can do your best to prevent
it by using something other than salt as a deicer. Kitty litter and sand are two options that
work well to increase traction and melt ice without damaging plants.

If salt damage is severe or over a widespread area, applying pelletized gypsum (you can
often get 40lb bag for less than ten dollars at a hardware store) to the damaged areas will
replace the salt with calcium and sulfur; this will help heal the grass and encourage new
growth. Be sure to water in gypsum heavily after application to ensure it makes its way
down into the root zone of the plants.


With these few tips you can be sure to give your lawn its best chance at recovering
successfully from the harsh Wisconsin winters. As always, we are here to help! If you have
any lingering questions or problems, give us a call.

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