Choosing the right fertilizer for your lawn or garden is essential to creating a nourishing environment for your plants to grow and thrive. Healthy lawns and gardens need good soil to keep plants alive and help them grow. In addition to the best soil, added fertilizer prepares the ground to guarantee your plants the minerals and nutrients needed for healthy-looking green foliage.

An essential component in maintaining good soil is using good fertilizers like granular fertilizer. Adding this helps the plant’s growth and keeps a healthy environment longer than typical soil would do alone. Plants need essentials like water, sunlight, dirt, and fertilizer for an optimal environment.

Granular fertilizer is a chemical added to the soil of lawns, gardens, and even plant pots. By adding dry fertilizer, you’ll supplement the loss of many minerals and nutrients caused by excessive rain, runoff, and erosion. Continue reading to discover more about what granular fertilizer does for your plants.

Why are fertilizers used?

Since added fertilizer is a significant component of keeping soil healthy for plant growth, it’s essential to look at what granular fertilizer does and how it works.

Soil is visible as dirt and organic matter to the naked eye. Good soil contains the oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide that plants need to have nutrients and process photosynthesis with water and sunlight. These three gases help keep the ground fertile and healthy for plants to grow and thrive.

Granular fertilizer is different from liquid fertilizer because it is composed of granules. Gardeners prefer to sprinkle and add these granules into the soil instead of using a liquid fertilizer that can be poured into the ground periodically but has a higher chance of damaging the plant’s environment.

Fertilizer in a granular form is more straightforward because it disperses into the soil and the solid granules take longer to be absorbed. This allows the ground to stay fertilized longer and guarantees the plants will get the nutrients they need even if it rains too often.

Organic lawn fertilizer is an excellent choice because it is more environmentally friendly. Once it decomposes into the soil, it releases nutritional elements like phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium to keep plants nourished.

How does granular fertilizer help lawns and gardens?

Gardeners find that adding granular fertilizer allows for faster plant growth and consistent nutrients in the soil. Even plants and lawns that need a slow release of nutrients benefit from slow-release granular fertilizer that decreases the chances of damaging lawns and gardens.

Lawn care and garden maintenance are essential to keeping the beautiful greenery and foliage appearance, using proper techniques. Understanding the necessary parts of what plants need and what soil needs can help gardeners everywhere keep plants thriving.

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